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Petr Freudenfeld

Petr Freudenfeld

Master's student in Zoology at the Faculty of Science

He is a student of Master’s study programme of Zoology with specialization in Ethology and Ecology at Faculty of Science, Charles University. He is engaged in research on sexual orientation, especially he is interested in biological factors contributing to its development. In his Bachelor thesis he focused on Effect of prenatal hormonal levels on sexual orientation and the topic of his Master’s thesis is Developmental variability in formation of male and female sexual orientation. His supervisor is Jan Havlíček.




Valentova, J. V., Fořt, J., Freudenfeld, P., Varella, M. A. C., Amaral, B. H., & Havlíček, J. (2023). Different subgroups of homosexuality: Great ideas, little evidence, promising future. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 52(7), 3013–3018.

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