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Saeed RezvaniNejad

Saeed RezvaniNejad

Doctoral student at the Faculty of Science, Charles University

Saeed RezvaniNejad is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Science, Charles University. His main research interest is female grooming and luxury consumption in the context of mate selection. His PhD thesis focuses on the perception of self and others from the use of costly female grooming practices. His work integrates a wide range of conventional and novel methods of generating stimuli for the perception of human appearance. Saeed's previous work has dealt with the topics of inclusive fitness, altruism and the foundations of morality. He received his master's and bachelor's degrees in psychology from Allameh Tabataba'i University in Tehran, Iran.





Rezvani Nejad, S., Borjali, A., Khanjani, M., & Kruger, D. J. (2021). Belief in an Afterlife Influences Altruistic Helping Intentions in Alignment With Adaptive Tendencies. Evolutionary Psychology, 19(2).

Rezvani Nejad, S., Kruger, D. J., Borjali, A., & Khanjani, M. (2021). Commentary on Atari, Graham, & Dehghani, 2020: Altruistic helping intentions among Iranians reflect target Kin’s reproductive value. Evolution and Human Behavior, 42(3), 274–276.

Bazram, A., Khanjani, M., asgari, Asgari, M., & Rezvani Nejad, S. (2022). Examining the role of the three principles of personal contact, action, and double effect on moral decision making. Jcp, 10(2), 56–71.

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