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Jakub Fořt

Jakub Fořt

Doctoral student of Zoology at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University and Psychology at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University

As a doctoral student in the fields of Zoology at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, and Psychology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, he is engaged in research on sexual orientation. He is interested in (not only) biological factors contributing to its development and psychological differences among individuals of different sexual orientations. These topics are also the focus of his dissertation projects, in which he explores the influence of prenatal maternal factors on the development of homosexuality in men and women, as well as differences in mental health among people with various sexual orientations. He is becoming a scientist under the supervision of Jan Havlíček and Zuzana Štěrbová.





Fořt, J., & Kaňková, Š. (2021). Etiologie a evoluční teorie mužské homosexuality (Etiology and evolutionary theories of male homosexuality). Československá psychologie, 65(6), 537–557.

Valentova, J. V., Fořt, J., Freudenfeld, P., Varella, M. A. C., Amaral, B. H., & Havlíček, J. (2023). Different subgroups of homosexuality: Great ideas, little evidence, promising future. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 52(7), 3013–3018.

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