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Dagmar Schwambergová

Dagmar Schwambergová

Researcher at the Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, and junior researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health

Dagmar Schwambergová is currently a research assistant at the Department of Zoology within the Faculty of Science at Charles University. Simultaneously, she holds a junior researcher position at the National Institute of Mental Health. Her academic journey includes receiving a bachelor’s degree in General Biology, followed by a master’s degree in Zoology with a specialization in Ecology and Ethology, and finally her Ph.D. degree in Zoology from Charles University.
Her primary research interests lie in human olfaction and body odour perception. She focuses on the complex interplay between body odor, health status, and the immune system. Exploring the role of olfaction in the behavioral immune system, she investigates how our sense of smell influences responses to various potential health threats. Additionally, her work extends to the olfactory self-inspection and inspection of social partners, investigating the frequency and situations in which individuals engage in the act of sniffing themselves or sniffing their social partners.






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Schwambergová, D., Třebická Fialová J., & Havlíček, J. (2023). Olfactory mediated pathogen avoidance in mammals. In: Chemical Signals in Vertebrates XV (Schaal, B., Keller, M., Rekow, D. eds). Springer Nature, New York. pp. 207-232.

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Pátková, Ž., Schwambergová, D., Třebická Fialová, J., Třebický, V., Stella, D., Kleisner, K., & Havlíček, J. (2022). Attractive and healthy-looking male faces do not show higher immunoreactivity. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 18432

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